All the words earlier spooned
Or read to me, now flow out
Time and time again
In prose, or


The Catastrophic Challenge of Substance Abuse If these United States ever needed a way fix our substance abuse dilemma, we sorely need it now …   Abusers Living In and among us Ensure we all Need help – God’s help to Survive

My Mistress

My Mistress every once in a while, its freeing to write. Not so much deep thinking, but just to write – write, and see what comes of it … here’s a sampling from one of such times … Occasionally, I wish I had the audacity To spend my life With poetry For at times, Sometimes I sense a bit shame Even though my love Hardly complains Of stuff to be Done around the house, or Some of the things We…

Shall We Poplar, or Oak? How to Shelter from Storms of this First Life

shall we poplar, or oak?   i hate your guts she yelled at him and slammed the bedroom door, in  an oft repeated, violent scene so typical of marriage gone sour junior now thirteen looks on by day, and hears the fights at night a distressed pantomime of fools parting wrong from what seems right   this war of ours like any other is getting us nowhere fast maybe rather than fumbling who’s right or wrong, it’s time for us to ask ……

Price of Peace

    Price of Peace   other day I talked to a man, confided in me, the devilish plan he’d contrived to be able to say, what was on his mind from day to day   bro, in that house, its hell to pay get that woman to hear what I’ have to say so now I’ve got me a plan, sure enough works, each and every time see as I was racking my brain, what the hell to do,…

Now with a Measured Gait

Now with a Measured Gait Recently as I climbed The library stairs in search of grist for my mill, I felt parts of me that were less: Brittle just a few years ago   These days as I stand to teach, The young people politely quit their chatter, and I appreciate their conviction that: I’m there to help them do better   Politely, I said “beauty before age” To Helen who teaches math, She’s older but I know: She relished…

My Picture in His Pocket

  My Picture in His Pocket As the conversation turned to family and kids the proud salesman flashed a smile, and Whipping out his wallet produced what he considered the thing That made his hard life worthwhile… Here’s my lovely wife, this is Andy, oldest at sixteen, here’s Susan Two years after him, this is Zachary our baby, seven, yup sure makes me proud ‘Course I sure wish I could spend more time at home with them   As God…