About Us: Here’s My: Who, What, Why, How,and When…

About Us: Here’s My: Who, What, Why, How,and When…

About Us: Here’s Our:

1.Who: Hello, I’m Carlton Joshua Bruce, SR. another century 21 disciple.

2.What: Our discipleship goal is to share bread.  I’m from Guyana, South America, and grew up hearing money called “bread”, which makes sense. We want to share with people all over this world.

Jesus loved giving. Giving bread for life, and bread for everlasting life. Now his Holy Spirit coaches my sharing. Yup. He helps us to steadily improve our “share skills” every day!

3.WHY: We learned we were born “slaves” of Satan. Ours was a “normal” life of lying, cheating and stealing, just to name a few. So, we humbly asked Jesus to make us “born again” and have his Holy Spirit live in this physical “temple” of us.

Now we have God’s guarantee. His Kingdom of Lord Jesus Christ exists in us now – and after we graduate through death’s door – we’ll forever enjoy life in Heaven!

4.How: Our goal is to regularly share about humankind’s first, and then our everlasting life. What we do about Jesus in this first has a direct impact on our next, or everlasting life.

Our second or everlasting life is spent either in heaven in the presence of Lord Jesus Christ, or in Hell- separated from the peace of God,and in eternal torture. Actually, just a sample or prelude of separation from God when Adam and Eve, and now all humankind lost their:

Financial Freedom, with the vastness of Eden’s lush acreage.

Relational Freedom among themselves and God their Creator.

Environmental Freedom – without any pestilence or poison.

Educational Freedom with open ended conversations with God.

Recreational Freedom with sacrificial, transparent sexuality.

Emotional Freedom from guile, deception,and self-indulgence. And most crucial:

Spiritual Freedom no “trap” of hypocrisy, superstition or anxiety.

Next, “Off Topic” is about life’s temporal “bread” or money. there we occasionally explore timely and helpful topics on best lifestyle habits for our community to discover, acquire, enjoy to share for building meaningful relationships.

5.When: Before retirement, I was a drafting careers teacher in vo-tech public high school for 35 years. Now, I’m keenly aware “No one cares what I know, until they know I care” as I try to share three to five blog posts weekly.

Jesus cued – “it’s silly to tell people they’re sinners if their crucial need is for food”. So, our blogs offer a variety of bread – and eventually, God’s unparalleled bread for – eternal life!

God, in the body of his Son Jesus promises now: “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst”. 1 Corinthians 8:8


Even so come, Lord Jesus Christ!

Carlton, aka Dr. B

PS: “Someone with an experience is never stumped by one with only an argument“. Are you also a century 21 disciple? If you are, God needs you to share – with the people “in your world” who’ll benefit when you share your: Who, What, How, Why, and When – with them – today!


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