Posts from February 2019

Posts from February 2019


The Catastrophic Challenge of Substance Abuse If these United States ever needed a way fix our substance abuse dilemma, we sorely need it now …   Abusers Living In and among us Ensure we all Need help – God’s help to Survive

Affirmation of Faith, Carlton

Affirmation of Faith: I am a disciple of Lord Jesus Christ, the perfect Son of Jehovah God. I believe he was born of a virgin, lived among us on earth, was crucified but three days was later returned to life again. I believe he ascended to Heaven after gifting us his Holy Spirit who indwells my spiritual frame in a spiritual reality of God’s Chapel. I believe after mankind’s first life on earth comes one of two eternities; of unending…

Discipleship: Orientation to. 7 Part Dive

Living Water Adult Bible Study Fellowship                                                    Week # 1: Orientation to the Living Water Personal Study Guide A: Dessert First 1: Celebrating Giving: Malachi 3:10 B: Source: Dr. Bruce: Anatomy of a Miracle, PowerPoint & Handout C: Source: ABCUSA Footprints: Early Church Generosity/What is Abundance? Week # 2: Study Focus Course Orientation/Resource: Living Water Personal Study…